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What Would You Like to Know?


Site Analysis & Design
Our initial meeting with you is a fact finding meeting.  It allows us to explore your project requirements, your vision, property potential, and to learn more about your expectations, concerns, and desires for your future Rio Vista Pool Project.  The first step to a GREAT and unique Rio Vista design is the creation of a detailed plan.  This custom plan includes the prepared detail cost estimate and a 3D presentation.  This plan will show your home's foot print, lot easements, setbacks, and other site contingencies such as slope or grade concerns.  These realistic renderings help you to see all of the elements of your pool design and how they integrate into your backyard.  It is in this stage that you make revisions and improvements as necessary.  Once we have your approval of the complete design and cost, we use these drawings to create a detailed, engineered drawing for construction and begin the layout process.


Once there is project approval, and construction plans and the contract have been finalized, we will layout the pool. Laying out the pool is a very detailed process, which consists of numerous intricate and precise measurements and markings.  Applying for any necessary permits are done at this time as well.  This is the first stage in the construction of your Rio Vista Pool.  The dimensions of the pool design and engineered drawings will be spray painted onto the proposed site area.  This provides you the visual opportunity to see the outlines of the actual size and shape of your pool in the yard. It is at this time that we ask you to review the plan and make any changes to the size or location of the pool PRIOR to us actually breaking ground with excavation.  Once you have had time to review the design on-site, we will sign the layout agreement, follow up with any necessary permits, and begin excavation.


Excavation begins with loud, heavy machinery in your backyard! During the process of excavation, the grass, underlying soil, rock, and possible trees will be removed by machines and work crews.

Our goal is to create a peaceful environment for you to relax and enjoy. Unfortunately, the process of construction can feel disconcerting and leave your yard in temporary disarray.  Be assured that we will communicate with you to help minimize the disruption and insure your overall satisfaction.  Your patience and flexibility will help to expedite the process.  You will need to be diligent in keeping pets and children out of the construction site.  Rio Vista will work with you in every way that we can to assist you.  The reality is that the big machinery is a danger to little ones (pets and children).  In addition to keeping your family safe, we also want to keep the crew safe from larger animals who may demonstrate their concern or displeasure in a physical way.

But not to worry - this process generally only takes about 5 days.

Just as steel and wood are used to form a solid foundation for a home; it is also used to form and shape the structure of your pool.  The structural steel/rebar installation will begin as soon as the excavation and forming have finished.  Steel bars are put in place for the walls, floor, and the beam of the pool.  These bars are used to reinforce the structure of the swimming pool and maintain structural integrity.  The beam is tied using a 4 bar box beam which consist of 4-#4 bars - (1/2" thick) placed around the perimeter of the pool.  The beam will also have deck dowels extended where deck will be added to reinforce the steel installed in the deck phase.  Normal steel schedule for the walls and floor is #4 bars placed on 9" centers both ways.


Next, we install all the plumbing and electrical components. We ensure that the plumbing is pressure tested and the electrical meets the necessary codes.

We will install the wiring that runs the pool's lights, pumps, heaters, time clocks, and remote controls.

Gas line run (if applicable) - If you purchased a gas heater, a licensed gas plumber/installer will install a gas line from your existing gas meter/tank to the pool heater.  You may be required to upgrade your gas meter. 

Plumbing is installed behind the steel framework. Proper plumbing and the appropriate use of valves is essential for maintaining ample flow of water to and from the pool, spa, and other water features. Normal plumbing lines consist of schedule 40 PVC in combinations of and 2" and 2 1/2" diameters. Plumbing lines are classified as either return lines or suction lines. Return lines bring filtered water into the pool and suction lines are the main drains which draw water from the pool to the pump. Rio Vista uses only the highest rated anti-entrapment safety drain standard on all of our pools.


This stage is just awesome.  Our team of contractors will spray and work the gunite(concrete) onto the forming structure with what looks like a fire hose. The gunite forms the tough inner shell of your new pool. Your digital 3D renderings quickly come to life and take shape right before your eyes. This is a pretty impressive operation and one you should watch if time allows.


The Tile and Coping phase is the beginning of the interior finish, using the materials that you have selected. The gunite shell will be leveled, smoothed, and sealed in preparation for applying a 6” waterline row of tile. Coping of natural stone is placed on the beam of the pool. Special detail is emphasized by using quality stone that can be from 1" to 2 1/4” thick and by manually cutting each stone to create the look of random or sawn stone grout lines.  Your stone water features will also be installed at this time by our skilled stone masons.  Rio Vista takes great measures to monitor the quality control during the installation process to ensure that the work is done correctly and is built to last.


At this phase, we will mark out where the patio(s)/decking will be installed. We will meet with you to ensure that the original design still meets your expectations. Now is the time to double check and ask questions if you are doubtful.  Any changes and their associated cost will be worked out prior to the deck forming.

The deck process begins with spreading a layer of base onto the ground that will be formed according to the design plans. Next, a reinforced steel mesh is installed and tied back to the rebar pool dowels. If required, the city will inspect the deck form and the plumbing lines will be tested to ensure they hold adequate pressure. The concrete for the deck will then be poured and expansion joints placed throughout to allow for ground movement to minimize cracks.


Another exciting phase, because your new pool is going through the final interior finish - no more raw gunite. Our standard pool finish is StoneScapes. This finish is applied with a hose, troweled on to smooth out the finish, then rinsed.  The following day, the pool surface receives an acid wash to expose the stones to reveal the beautiful and long lasting finish. 

Then, we fill the pool and begin the start-up! You finally see water in your pool, but we ask you to wait just a few more days before swimming to allow for our work to be completed. During these waiting days, we turn the systems on to address any inconsistencies and get the pool water's chemistry stabilized for you.


At this time we'll set up an appointment to meet with you. The time has come to show you everything about properly operating your swimming pool.  Quite often a first time pool owner can feel overwhelmed by the initial start-up and maintenance of the pool. We provide every homeowner with the necessary training on how to operate and maintain your pool.  It really is simple - with a Rio Vista Pool.

Debris will be removed from the yard and your yard will be graded using any remaining dirt and sand left on the job site. Any sections of fence that were removed must be replaced, and all gates and latches must pass city codes. Most cities require gates to be self-closing and self-latching. Your city may also require door alarms.  If landscaping and fencing are in your contract, we will begin that process after this phase.


If required, an inspector will need to look over all the work that has been done and give a stamp of approval regarding your permits.  

Within a few weeks of completion, Rio Vista will schedule a final walk through of the project to ensure that warranty items are noted and any necessary scheduled follow up work is done.

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